Things you need to know about Adleep

Baynet Fuse- Things you need to know about Adleep

Adleep is a programmatic advertising platform that allows advertisers buy ad placement on a set of publisher’s platforms through a Real-Time Bidding system (RTB). As a publisher on Adleep you happen to be in control of a whole lot around your ad unit creation and deployment. You can create any banner sizes and formats that you so desire based on your website preferences.

The platform is an easy to access solution for both publisher and advertiser. Adleep helps you to connect the missing dots in your digital advertising, attract new users to your Business by targeting them on top publishing platforms using the right targeting features. Today we will be sharing with you the benefits and “lots more” you can get on Adleep as a publisher or as an advertiser.

Using Adleep as an Advertiser

  • Easy campaign setup and multiple ads formats such as html5, banners, videos
  • Discounted prices i.e lowest possible rates for your Ads
  • Return on sales (ROI)
  • On adleep, we have the Geo-Targeting options that include targeting by country, region, or city in no time, targeting using Geo-Fencing will make it easier.
  • Advertiser’s dashboard to manage and monitor campaigns
  • Real-time bidding to enable advertisers to adjust their bids even when the campaign is still running
  • Detailed reporting to enable advertisers to generate how their ads are being served and the records of impressions on the ads
  • Ads throttling helps in controlling the volume of traffic delivery on your ad based on minutes, hours and day. Display your ads only when you feel it will deliver.

Using Adleep as a Publisher

  • We made our User Interface lovely and attractive; we don’t compromise simplicity for anything. But as simple as our dashboard seems it functions efficiently. We are quite straight forward.
  • We understand our interests and taste vary; hence we have provided multiple ad-formats that will meet the needs of all publishers.
  • If you have multiple websites, you can add all websites in one dashboard and track their inventories differently. You can add over 500 websites in one dashboard.
  • Minimize unsold inventories, you focus on developing content on your platform while we focus on ensuring you get value for your website traffic.
  • Regardless of the ad-network, you’re currently connected to, adleep network is here to bring more value to you and increase your monthly earnings.
  • All traffic delivered are visible to you and accounted for on adleep. Everything you see on your dashboard is true and nothing is hidden from you.

On adleep you get paid using multiple payment options as you wish. We have several options ranging from PayPal, Wire-Transfer, and more.

Adleep is a homely programmatic platform for both the Publisher and the Advertiser. Join the list of our satisfied partners (Advertisers and Publishers), on adleep today.

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