The Anatomy of Content Marketing Strategy

  • Brain — The brain is a processing device that helps process everything you want to put down. When creating a content marketing strategy, your content should be thought-provoking, yet easy to read.
  • Ears — To be good at content marketing strategy, you have to have a listening ear. Before doing any writing, you should listen to your customers and prospects to figure out what is important to them and what information they need from you.
  • Mouth — The mouth is used for communication. Just like the mouth, your communication channel(s) is important. Understanding your target audience will influence the type of communication channel(s) you will use for your content marketing strategy.
  • Lungs — Death is inevitable if you constantly inhale the same air you exhale. There is no harm in reusing old content, but your business isn’t going to flourish with that tactic. Try to throw out and take in new ideas consistently to keep the creativity flowing within your company.
  • Stomach — Try to absorb as much as you can about content marketing, your industry, and what your customers want. The more knowledge you have, the easier it is to create content.
  • Spine — There are three major pillars of great content: clarity, value, and relevance. Clarity here means your audience must be able to decode the message that is being passed across without any form of ambiguity. Also, whatever content you are pushing out or marketing must be something that is important and must always meet the needs of your target audience.
  • Hands — Leverage your creativity to the fullest. Slogging through uninspired content is something that can be very mind-numbing.
  • Legs — Your content should always be on its mark ready to take a fast start. To maximize the effectiveness of blog posts and content offers, social media campaigns should be attached.
  • Feet — You cannot stand on the strength of your content alone. A comprehensive inbound marketing strategy should be supported by SEO, call to action, and other inbound marketing practices.



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