Digital Transformation and the AI Advantage.

Baynet Fuse — Digital Transformation and the AI Advantage.

In today’s world, leading companies now personalize customer experiences and streamline business operations, using Artificial Intelligence as their core business model to effectively reach a larger target audience.

Platforms such as Facebook, Google and Instagram have disrupted the norm and improved user experience all over the world.

Data mining has also been at the center for driving business ideas, research to uncover consumer needs and to project innovations to the minds of end users who are receptive and susceptible as they interact with their devices.

This has resulted in digital transformation and an upsurge in more accurate consumer profiling, targeted promotions and excellent business decision making.

Artificial intelligence in Marketing

In assessing the role AI will play in digital marketing over the coming years, it is important to start by appreciating that such technology has already been deployed in the sector. Examples of this include:

This will have its own impact on digital marketing, as all kinds of tools used — be it content, social media or PPC (Pay per Click) — will include some kind of voice-activated protocol.

For example, it could be content that includes a clickable link to a voice-activated device that could place an order, sign up for an email mailing list or request a call back.

What Could Big Data Have?

The use of increased data in the case of Airbnb is one way that AI can use machine learning to help fine-tune what people want. By recording and analyzing the past experiences and actions of individuals, it can help to target them with the products and services most likely to suit them.

Already some supermarket apps do this on the basis of past purchases; for example someone who buys cereals a lot may be targeted with marketing messages when a new product comes into stock.

What Else May Change?

While the development of technology suggests AI could have a larger role to play in marketing over the course of the next decade, it is hard to always be sure exactly what it will be.

For all these reasons, predictions should be treated with caution. However, what does seem clear is that AI already has some involvement with marketing, there is at least the potential for it to take on a vastly expanded role between now and 2030.

How Can Baynet Fuse Limited Help?

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