7 ways your business can grow with a mobile app

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4 min readMay 11, 2020


Baynet Fuse- 7 ways your business can grow with a mobile app

Not so long ago, mobile apps were a reserve of large corporations and businesses. However, that ace has changed rapidly over the past years. Today, smaller companies are serving clients better and seeing much greater returns on investment thanks to mobile apps. Here are seven (7) reasons your business will start to profit more with an app.

  • Increase Visibility to Clients at All Times

Globally, there are more than a billion smartphones. So, the fact that people these days spend more time on the phone than on PCs is great for businesses — if you adjust your marketing plan to match this shift.

Evidently, your business will be exposed to numerous eyeballs if you have a mobile presence. Your image, name, and logo need to be seen when these masses scroll, unlock, and do whatever they do while on the go.

Humans have their devices either on their palms or pockets. We like using them when waiting at the bus stop, riding to and from work, and visiting social media sites. All these are suitable times to send a notification to prospective clients. If you offer internet-based services or products, use a mobile app to make sales, offer valuable solutions for customers remotely. The more opportunities you offer potential customers to reach you, the better off your business will be.

  • Market More Directly

Mobile apps bring a lot of information to your business about your customers. Examples are demographics and geographical locations. More importantly, you can give a lot of information to your clients about your products and services. Examples are news feeds, product specifications, new features, prices, promotions, and special rates. You can know the preferences of certain customers and meet their individual needs. The fact that you are marketing more directly is a huge advantage.

  • Provide Your Customers with Value

As mentioned earlier, more people are glued to their mobile phones than ever before. Customers are interested in valuable products and services. With so many outlets offering the same products, it can be difficult for them to make a decision. A mobile app can nudge clients to your store. For example, use an area-sensitive push message on your app. When clients walk near your store’s physical location, they get a notification inviting them to your store. Curious shoppers will flock your store to see what you have to offer. This approach has been effective for brick-and-mortar businesses. In addition, send a thank-you notification to your clients after they make a purchase.

  • Build Brand Recognition

Whether your business is new or rebranding, you can enhance its recognition using a mobile app. Simply create an app with likable features and you will mesmerize your audiences. Instead of putting up an expensive billboard, construct a functional app. After all, not everyone actually pays attention to or heeds the messages displayed on billboards.

Find a way to get your clients involved in your app regularly. The more often they interact with it, the more they will actually like the products or services it sells. This rule of “the thumb” in advertising is called effective frequency. It states that if customers see the brand more than twenty (20) times, then it is truly noticed. These days, mobile apps come with a sharing option where users can share your communication with their friends. It is like a friend telling you about a great service or product he or she bought somewhere. Studies indicate that referrals and third-party sales are among the most valuable marketing strategies.

  • Increase Customer Engagement

All clients need a way to reach the business that sells a product or service that they are interested in. If you are unreachable, you run the risk of losing customers. A mobile app, therefore, comes in handy at enabling this reach. Have a help desk on the mobile platform where customers can post their questions, orders, comments, and complaints.

If you can reply to all their communication personally, then your customer engagement is great. Make the booking or ordering procedure as simple as possible yet secure. People are discouraged by lengthy procedures. They might even find it easier to click the ‘Back’ button than the ‘Next’ button.

  • Stand Out From the Crowd

The fact that a mobile app sets you apart cannot be overemphasized. Take advantage of this effective communication and marketing tool. By the time your competitors are realizing its importance, you will have grabbed almost the entire market share. No matter what you sell, you can take a commanding role among your peers. Just by a tap of a button, your clients are able to see your products and services. That mobile apps are fast, easy, and simple to operate is a fact you need to capitalize on. This ease can drive customer engagement and loyalty to an unprecedented level.

  • Turn Your App Into a Social Platform

Integrate numerous social features into a mobile app. A study once revealed that most people on social media just log in to see what their friends are saying. Incorporate this idea into your marketing strategy so that people actually see your brand while they catch up with their friends. Include features like in-app messaging, comments, likes and photo-sharing capabilities. Additionally, enable logging in to the app via Facebook and Twitter. This approach has proven effective in increasing customer engagement, repeated sales, retention and monetization.

The bottom line is all about having a functional website is the place to start. After attracting new customers, urge them to download your app on their mobile devices so as to create customer loyalty. After that, use the app to generate profitable opportunities. Create engagement by encouraging user reviews and interactions. As you build brand loyalty, expand your reach to social circles and deliver personalized shopping experience.

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